About Us

Since its inception in 1997, Loose Club has channeled their tireless passion for music into spreading electronic music culture and bringing freedom and creativity to artists and other professionals within the scene. Starting with a select handful of local talented artists and producers, including the likes of Rino Cerrone, Markantonio, Marco Carola, Gaetano Parisio, and Uto Karem, Loose Club quickly gained recognition and respect early on for the growth it brought to the Neapolitan techno scene.

Their efforts were soon recognized by international artists such as Ellen Allien, Richie Hawtin, Jeff Mills, Sven Vath, and Cisco Ferreira, just to name a few of the stars who found Loose Club to be the best Club Night in town. For artists and fans alike, Loose Club represented a community for ravers and clubbers to gather and celebrate the future sound of Detroit techno in an inclusive, supportive, and peaceful environment.

With the record labels ri’l:is, unri’li:s, and Loose Records under their umbrella, Loose Club has since gained traction not only as a pioneer within the techno genre, but a wellspring of resources for professionals of all kinds working within the industry. With experience crossing into every facet of music production, from studio tutorial products to managing publication rights, Loose Club has expanded to offer services in artist and record label management, music publishing, and neighboring rights, among others.

Discernment has led Loose Club to keep their roster tight, and the same priority on quality over quantity has guided their dedication to meeting the desires of their clients, regardless of the services they require. Operating on a groundwork of professionalism and keeping a client’s precise needs at the forefront along the way, Loose Club remains a devoted rebel, reliable and loyal to their people, all while finding new ways to generate income and exceed expectations for professionals and their devoted fanbase alike.