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08 May 2017

Ace Alvarez – ADE 2016 Special

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ADE 2016 Special marks the fruits of giants Ace Alvarez and Loose Records meeting in Amsterdam’s ADE in 2016, heralding a new entry into the relentlessly rising tide of tech house talent. Drawing on a plethora of diverse influences from his home town of Queens, New York, Alvarez learned the importance of finding crowd-pleasing grooves quickly as he channeled his Argentine roots among the Latin and hip hop mainstays he grew up with. His skills as a DJ and producer have been on full display at hard-hitting clubs in the U.S., including Brooklyn’s Output and a residency at the very-much missed Liquid Vibe, and the release of his newest tracks testify to a mastery that crowds will hear much more from soon.

Amnesia – Deliciously complex and energetic, the rhythms swing for the fences on this track from the intro, inviting listeners into a veritable hive of bassy goodness and high-hat heaven. Armed with the kind of pulse-pounding energy that will fill any room large or small, no one will soon forget the rollicking good times to be had aboard this juggernaut of an opener.

Heat – Taking off at a sprint and refusing to let up, the drum machines turn it up to max from the first note here, providing a killer of a base to launch an onslaught of techno and house euphoria. Sci fi sound effects give nods to trance as well on this track, bringing a variety of elements together in a seamless whole that brings the temperature up for everyone.

Uncaged – Jungle-infused drums pound the ground with abandon at the outset, chasing the beat as waves of electronic brilliance wash over listeners with an expert’s ear for subtly and timing. Combining artistry and crowd-pleasing sounds is is a tough balance for most, but the artist pulls it off flawlessly with this song, unleashing a true hit with finesse and staying power.


1 – Amnesia

2 – Heat

3 – Uncaged

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