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30 July 2019

Agile Recordings goes over 100

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German artist Eric Sneo boasts a long-standing career of releasing techno on some of the world’s best-known labels including Tronic, Elevate, 1605 and Terminal M.

Andy Düx is a veteran of the German scene who has been instrumental in growing the clubbing ethos in his local area of Mainz, where he also owns a record shop called Overdrive Entertainment and met Eric Sneo as a regular customer in his store.

Eric Sneo and Andy Düx have a long-standing friendship and this peak time techno EP is a testament to the skills of the two talented individuals who have also worked together for releases on Andy Düx’s classic vinyl label Overdrive.

‘Sonic’ opens the release with the rhythmic pulses of the sub-heavy bassline that underpins the stabbing lead synth and dramatic bursts of acid before the swelling intensity of the main breakdown.

Track two ‘Back And Away’ is all about the squelching bass and dark atmospherics that surround the mechanically precise groove of the percussion. Unnerving and hypnotic, the acid-line adds to the building tension of this brooding techno monster.

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