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28 June 2019

Agile Recordings unleashes release nr. 100

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Agile Recordings is the long standing techno label run by Uto Karem who since his first release in the midnineties, has been a leading figure in the Italian club scene.

Celebrating the labels landmark 100th release, Uto Karem has compiled a special 14 track LP with hand selected new tracks from Cristian Varela, Loco & Jam, Filterheadz, Mladen Tomic, and Anderson Noise plus many others including himself.
Along with releasing tracks by established veterans such as UMEK, Rino Cerrone, Ramiro Lopez, The Advent and Ramon Tapia, the label has on many occasions featured fresh new talent, and its vibrant history includes giving early releases to the likes of Joseph Capriati, Paride Saraceni and Rafa Barrios when they were still relatively unknown.
This release showcases the Agile Recordings sound and some of the artists that have been instrumental in the labels development since the first EP in 2008.
Covering a full spectrum of techno and all its sub genres, the core of the label focuses on peak time tracks.
Sometimes melodic, other times industrial, it’s always on point when it comes to delivering crowd-pleasing tracks designed for underground dance floors.

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