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30 June 2017

Alan Hash – Trainwreck

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The “Trainwreck” EP from Alan Hash and Loose Records showcases a top-tier talent who has honed the craft of blending techno and tech-house influences into memorable, hard-hitting tracks. Born and currently residing in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Hash has been nourishing his love of music since the age of 16, earning support as a producer from major hitters before signing on to labels like Transmit, Unity, and Evolution with his own creative excursions. With releases like “Trainwreck” and his own label HASH Records on deck, the sky is the limit for what we can expect from this artist in the years to come.

Trainwreck – Bolting out of the intro with energy to spare, any DJ will do well to add this white-knuckled roller coaster to bring up the tempo on their set. The 80s-flavored synths effects add more fun to the mix, making for an excellent balance of nostalgia and excitement for listeners everywhere.

Headbanger – Smashingly good and expertly arranged, this track comes on like dark magic, seeping into the ears with subtlety at first, before scaling into a mammoth, echoing structure for the delicious bass to conjure and play with this monster of a beat.


1 – Trainwreck

2 – Headbanger

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