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14 June 2024

Andres Gil “Robo Pulse” EP is Out Now on Unrilis.

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Unrilis continues its Rilis series with a raw and hypnotic techno EP by Andres Gil.

Andres Gil is a Colombian artist from Medellín, and his style fuses analogue synths with driving percussion. He is a highly respected producer known for his music on prestigious record labels such as Ricardo Garduno’s Illegal Alien Records, Florian Meindl’s FLASH Recordings and A.Paul’s Naked Lunch.

Rilis is an underground techno series that was launched in the late ’90s by the legendary Rino Cerrone before he retired from electronic music. Rilis was an uncompromising outlet that allowed Rino to experiment with new ideas, and two decades later the influential project has been relaunched to focus on artists who share his original vision.

This three-track release sees Andres Gil join a roster that also includes the likes of A.Paul, DJ Dextro, Ritzi Lee and Samuel L Session.

“Echoes in the Night” opens the release with pitched tom drums and a swelling lead synth that’s nestled amongst a backdrop of eerie atmospherics. “Light Dub” has a thumping kick drum and acid bassline, forming a foundation for filter-swept synths and fast-paced hi-hats. “Robo Pulse” closes the release with trippy vocals and fragmented synths layered over gritty percussion.

Download & Stream “Robo Pulse” EP

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