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16 July 2021

Audiomatiques is Back on Unrilis to Release His EP “New Life”.

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Audiomatiques is back on Unrilis for the second time this year to celebrate his Three Trackers solo EP ‘New Life’.

He has worked with other imprints such as Loose Records, Codex recordings, AnalyticTrail, Respekt Recordings, but it’s on Unrilis that he continues to write his stories and shares his passion for techno.

A New Chapter is added to Loose Records and Unrilis A&R Audiomatiques’ Catalogue as New Life kicks off the EP with rolling basslines and rhythmic percussions. Followed by Icon in the same style with vocals layered over the groove, and closing out the release is an intro version of New Life with the building suspense of an atmospheric backing track.

Stream & Download “New Life”

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