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25 August 2023

B.Riley ‘By A Thread’ EP is now Out on AnalyticTrail.

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Markantonio’s record label, AnalyticTrail continues its black series with an analogue techno release by B. Riley.

B. Riley is an American artist known for his dark and driving releases on labels ranging from Chris Liebing’s CLR and Jewel Kid’s Alleanza to his own imprint, CMND CTRL.

Based in Florida, B. Riley’s style blends bleeping synth tones and raw percussion sounds to create hypnotic grooves with industrial undertones. He is a well-known DJ within Florida’s underground club scene and his productions translate his extensive knowledge of how to captivate a dance floor.

“By A Thread” opens the release with eerie tension and fast-flowing percussion that unfolds with building suspense. “Not In Zone” lifts the intensity with its menacing synth line and thrashing hi-hats that layer with modulating chord stabs. “Speed Skater” has gritty sound design and broken beat percussion rhythms layered with flickers of acid. “The Spiral” closes out the release with dystopian atmospherics layered over tense pads and hard-hitting percussion.


Download & Stream “By A Thread” EP

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