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02 September 2022

Bastet ‘Reflections’ is Out now on AnalyticTrail.

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Next Up on Markantonio’s Analytictrail is Bastet debut with a Three trackers EP called ‘’Reflections’’.


Straight outta Spain, Bastet is a DJ & Producer with a very unique techno sound who gives to each track a very special energy with his personal touch and a combination of unique melodies and drums


He recently released on T78 Autentone Records, Codex, Unrilis, Phobiq, Set About and many more, catching the ears of leading techno DJs like Adam Beyer, Enrico Sangiuliano, Richie Hawtin, Spacer 92, Spektre, Joyhauser, Nicolas Moudaber just to name few.


‘Reflections’ opens the EP with a fast paced rhythms, big pounding beats and progressive sound. ‘Voodoo’ comes second on the list and has a special classic vibe mixed with futuristic melodic shots. Closing the EP is a track called ‘Homeless’ which carries on the same energy with its atmosphere.

Stream & Download “Reflections”

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