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12 March 2021

Bruno Aguirre “Carbon” EP is Now out on Unrilis.

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Bruno Aguirre returns to Unrilis for his second EP on the techno focused label founded by Rino Cerrone. Based in Argentina, Bruno Aguirre has proven himself a vital part of the club scene.

In addition to playing many of his home country’s top events, he has also helped draw attention to the Argentinian scene through his globally successful releases on labels ranging from Markantonio’s AnalyticTrail to Spektre’s Respekt Recordings.

The tracks on this release are in a dark and pounding style of techno with chunky percussion sequenced in high velocity rhythms.

“Carbon” opens the release with its monstrous bass growls and acid synth line, before the bone rattling “Samario” takes control with its sinister vocal and twisted arpeggio. “Pulse” brings a hint of euphoria while ramping up the tension, and the release is closed out by a suspense building intro mix of Carbon.

Stream & Download “Carbon”

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