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23 November 2023

DJ Jock ‘Inseparable’ EP is now Out on Unrilis.

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DJ Jock makes a triumphant return to Unrilis, promising an electrifying journey with a four trackers EP called “Inseparable”.

Hailing from Croatia, DJ Jock began his journey at 17 with a residency at Pineta Beach Bar. He perfected both his DJ and production skills, amassing a rich catalog over 12 years, featuring releases on renowned labels like Respekt Recordings, Suara, Intec, 1605, and Phobiq. His tracks have gained support from major techno players, including Adam Beyer, Alan Fitzpatrick, Joseph Capriati, Carl Cox, and Richie Hawtin. DJ Jock’s work is a product of relentless studio experimentation, always striving for that something special.

Opening the EP is a pulsating techno masterpiece called “Inseparable” that forges an unbreakable connection between sound and listener, promising an unforgettable dance floor experience. “Focused,” the second track, offers a more chilled and percussive groove while maintaining its captivating energy. This dynamic blend of rhythms creates a unique and entrancing sonic experience. “Reese The Pressure,” the third track, is a potent and compelling composition that channels the energy of the dance floor. With its commanding rhythm and infectious melodies. Closing the EP is a track called “Focused Intro”
Download & Stream “Inseparable” EP

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