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23 July 2020

Drigo Answers.

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Based in Buenos Aires, Drigo started mixing at the age of 16 and took to it like a natural. This would go on to become a great passion and ultimately, a promising career. Empowered by his charisma and a strong musical style, he constantly creates a link between his followers and his music, generating a totally interactive experience on every set. The final result is a perfect hybrid between his clear knowledge about how to work on a track and his own musical signature.

Drigo is About to Release his Proteo EP in Collab With Fussion On Loose Records. So we took the chance to ask Him Some Questions and here what he said.


First tell us how life is during Quarantine and how you keep yourself busy?

Well my life changed a lot, I was very socially active, having beers with friends every weekend, but now I’m lockdown here at my place, doing home office. I started producing even more than before and I play online with some friends.

What drew you to the music industry, how did your career begin ?

My father was the owner of some clubs in Buenos Aires, so dance music was always at home, euro dance was the first way for me. Then as a teenager I discovered Tiesto and I said to me, this is what I wanted for me. So as usal, started playing for some small friend’s parties and one thing takes another…

Who are your favorite artists and how do they inspire you?

My fav artists are Adam Beyer, Spartaque, Joseph Capriati, Sam Paganini and Enrico Sangiualino. I’ve always tried to take a lil bit of all of them. Be creative, smart on the dancefloor, and always creating uniques experiencies with a lot of energy. Making a real journey when playing.

Tell us about your EP “Proteo”? How did you come up with the Title? What inspired you to make the EP?

Well I was at my place listening to some Enrico’s track and I wanted to make something “similar” to that kind of sound. So I made the loop and then went to Jonathan’s, have some tacos, listened to some trance music vibes and start working on what would be called Proteo. We instantly connect with the main idea.

How would you describe the music that you typically make?

My music is always evolving and I ‘don’t like to be lock in one style but the main root is always energetic with some kind of sophistication.

According to Drigo, what’s the most Important Quality of a DJ?

For me the most important quality has to be reading the dancefloor, know what crowd wants in that moment, and what you can give to them that they were not expecting to.

How do you see Techno in 10 Years from Now?

I see techno evolved as it always continues to do, maybe not as the main genre as it is today but with more followers around the globe. Techno will always be the special one.

Where do you see Drigo in 10 Years and what do we expect from you in the Future?

I see Drigo, touring all over the world, with his own label and settle down in Europe. Hopefully with his own party!

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