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13 September 2023

Drumsauw ‘Vintage’ EP is now Out on AnalyticTrail.

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Drumsauw returns to AnalyticTrail with his electrifying four trackers “Vintage” EP for Black Series’ 12th launch.

Hailing from the enchanting landscapes of the UK’s southwest, Joseph Sutherland AKA Drumsauw, has carved an extraordinary path as DJ Producer. His third EP on the label arrives after the collab release with label boss Markantonio of last April and two successful years when he released on labels such as JAM, On Edge Society, Planet Rhythm, Say What? and more, with massive support of big names like Sam Paganini, Adam Beyer, Pan-Pot, Fjaak and Rodhad among many.

Vintage Opens the EP with its old-school crossing modern edge and pulsating basslines immersing you in a captivating sonic realm. “Searching” comes second with its enigmatic and dark atmospheric vocal that sends listeners on a captivating expedition. Third on the list is “Mission” propels you on an adrenaline-pumping journey through pulsating beats and infectious rhythms. Closing the EP is “Syncro” that weaves a hypnotic spell with its seamless synchronisation of pulsating beats and melodies with its rhythmic precision and infectious groove.


Download & Stream “Vintage” EP

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