Flavio Diaz


Flavio Diaz is one of the most brilliant dj-producers of the moment. His personal climb toward the highest peaks of the Italian and the international techno underground scene, begins away back in 2005.

We are at the beginnings, and by this time, that thing called Techno, starts to take the most various shapes. Unceasingly, it mixes, wherever, jumping like a little crazy ball between dance floor and bedroom.

During those years, young Flavio, very attracted by a genuine house music made of plain reference to salsa funky, is also inspired by several artists such as Marco Bailey, Rino Cerrone, Alex Under and Adam Beyer. With hart and soul,  he starts playing with decks and soon demonstrates his significant mastery of the groove, heated verve and staggering rhythmic sections.

After no long, he moves to England, getting in contact with the City Of Westminster College (Sound Engineering) and the London School Of Sound (Music Production), till the production of his tracks even into the Pink Floyd’s old studio. On his way back to Italy, Flavio release his first record: “Mister Jetix” on Markantonio’s Analytic Trail. That’s the confirmation of his talent. Three excellent tracks represent, since the beginning, what his maker’s label is going to be. “Vitamin R” seems to come out from a stellar videogame. It is just a vitaminic wave made of rhythms and articulation on straight line. There are straight kicks and spins to warm up the dance floor, while the title-track is rushing non-stop, like an ordinary shuttle. There, will follow a brief but intense collaboration with the well-known Rino Cerron and afterwards, the ep “Campi Flegrei”, is the first step of a gripping Neapolitan relationship. In fact, “Miseno” will be performed by many great names of the International scene. The compilation includes also “Ten years COCOON IBIZA” mixed by Dubfire & Loco Dice.

The following ep “Another Last Cigarette”, still on Loose Records, shows  a clear further step forward, in the arrangement of different tones to the beat, and a quite obsessive care to details.  You just need to listen to the beat of “Alysa” and tune in, at his time in order to fully catch the evolution of a music so simple as well as delightfully effective. The record will be such an hit, and will be taken again by high reputation artists like Carl Cox.

Next engagement, “Live Today Ep” on MKT, is again a further turning point, the unexpected shift. Diaz aim is to reach a new outline, in which a sort of rhythmic plasticity, made of muffled bass, gets the upper hand. So, here he is, treading  new trails and bearing out the unstoppable rise to the European techno circuits.

Few months later the release of his ep, the renowned Booka Shade, will be playing  their own version of the wonderful track “Secret Addiction”, revealing an extreme synergy with the groove of the young dj. The audience of Duel Beat of Naples will be extremely thrilled by this performance. On 1st May 2010, it is the turn of “Juane ep” on Drumcode. One more success, one more mark! The same is for the crushing collaboration with the Teutonic duo Kaiserdisco, from which the ep “Vert” is created, still on Drumcode. It will be one of the most outsell records in 2010 and still today, absolutely the most required. It is played in fits and starts even by Richie Hawtin, and added in three different compilation of the English Ministry Of Sound  as well as in the top “Creators Of Techno: Vol 02” of the label Futureaudio.

Thus, the name Flavio Diaz go through, in red letters,  the main techno sign of the old world as well as the Bel Paese. “Blue ep” on Agile Rec, is just the last umpteenth transformation of this Neapolitan dj-producer: latest neat little number among one of the most jaunty talent of the amazing techno Neapolitan gang.

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