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23 September 2022

Freak Unique ‘Organ Donor’ EP is Out now on AnalyticTrail.

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Up next on AnalyticTrail a two trackers debut EP from Freak Unique called ‘’Organ Donor’’.


Freak Unique is now balancing DJing and production with club residencies for events in the Northwest UK, and Berlin. He Has releases on Matt Sassari’s Panterre, Spartaque’s IAMT, D-Unity’s Unity and Ramon Tapia’s Say What?


Opening the EP is a heavy melodic techno track called “Organ Donor” which represents his unmatchable sound stamp on the scene. “Staccato” comes second on the list and closes the unique work with a bassy sound, riff melodies and groovy percussions.

Stream & Download “Organ Donor”

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