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08 May 2017

Hybrasil – Adjust

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Continuing a match made in music heaven, Hybrasil and Loose Records have done it again with “Adjust,” a sonic journey that blazes a trail through some welcome explorations within the genre. Starting out as a live concept on Hot Since 82’s Knee Deep in Sound Tour, Hybrasil has found a home on track lists from major players like Reset Robot, Ambivalent, and Radio Slave. After a debut release on Loose Records, Hybrasil’s newest tracks show the world that this artist is only evolving and expanding on his home label, speaking to a talent that is sure to keep pushing the state of the art for many years to come.

Donbot Intro – Setting the scene with chilling hollows and chattering drums, one gets the feeling of entering a vast cavern of some sort before the main attraction rises up for the listener. A main course deserves a good appetizer, and this track supplies plenty of delicious flavors on its own before launching into “Donbot.”

Adjust – Thundering with authority and great bass-heavy goodness, the title track of this collection rocks the decks with a storm of ground-shaking depths that reverberate through the listener with gusto. Power like this is a pleasure on its own, but mixing up the darkness with trembling synths and high hats makes for a much more interesting story, displaying a skill for peaks and lows that stand out from each other with a beautiful duality.

Donbot – Pumping out a highly danceable beat from the get-go, the energy stays high while defying expectations along the way. Steering clear of the cliché banger sounds, subtlety and a well-crafted balance keep this song in a unique category of its own, while also testifying to an artist who has mastered the balance of maturity and bringing loads of fun to the dance floor.

It’s Yours – Mixing things up with a string-inspired intro, listeners are taken on a tour through some surprising and fresh terrain all the way through the end of this song. Clapping rhythms set a solid footing for a moment before even more experimental techniques are thrown in, finding fair game in some wonderfully bizarre vocal effects, shuddering cymbals, and hauntingly brilliant echoes. Taking chances can be risky, but the odds won on this track, and show there is much more to be found out there.


1 – Donbot Intro

2 – Adjust

3 – Donbot

4 – It’s Yours


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