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02 August 2019

Industrialyzer is back on Second State

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It’s that time of the year again. Another SUM package is here and, as always, spans a vast expanse of artists from newcomers to heavy hitters who provide sounds from dark, hard edged cuts to grooving euphoric treks. With hi octane numbers like VNTM & Tahko’s ‘Rave Culture’ and Risa Taniguchi’s ‘Ridiculous’ the compilation takes off before the maestro Nick Curly’s ‘Refuge’ and JNO’s ‘Relief’, who just released his first EP on Second State, take matters into deeper, low slung territory. Industrialyzer’s ‘Pulse’ certainly picks up the pace again as Ilija Djokovic’s ‘Chimera’ and Frazier’s ‘Escapism’ blend the lines between post modern production techniques and classic rave sounds. Turning into the back half of the compilation we have the wicked vibes of Flug’s ‘Maschine’ and Fabio Florido’s ‘Upsurge’ pave the way for newcomers Emanate’s mesmerizing ‘Again & Again’. Wrapping up the twelve tracker are ‘Wiggle’, a wild track of the winner of this year’s Beats in School competition by Beatport and Second State, and the label’s mainstay BEC’s instant hit ‘Three Words’, resulting in a finely curated package that will deliver in any moment.

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