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26 July 2020

Joseph Capriati’s First Single From The Upcoming Album is Now Out on Redimension.

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‘Goa’, the first single from Joseph Capriati’s new album, lands on 24th July 2020.
Nine tracks deep into Metamorfosi’s twelve, the energy peaks with a fast-paced, deeply-emotional and hypnotic trip through ‘Goa’.

An ascending synth lead casts transcendental beams of light, building pressure between the rhythmic constellations. Halfway is marked by a grand, uplifting breakdown which conjures feelings of hope for future moments on a dancefloor or at a festival.
In an album which seamlessly blends classic house, cinematic techno and more downtempo beats, ‘Goa’ stands out as pure DJ material. It is arranged to take you on a journey within and engineered to make you feel alive from your very core.
If Capriati’s message in Metamorfosi is more obvious on other tracks of the album, none deliver it more powerfully than ‘Goa’.

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