Lapsus Music

Lapsus Music is the label founded by Emiliano Nencioni and Giacomo Godi, a.k.a Supernova.

LM was created in 2008 when Supernova’s music ideas spread abroad, after years of testing and research; this was a point of no return: from now on everything becomes concrete and evolve.

Through Lapsus Music, Supernova want to experiment different sounds. Starting from one music concept, they aim to produce their own music, release others’ one music to create a kind of an open lab where they can work with deejays and producers from all over the world, sharing a new language.

Lapsus is the virtual “square” where artists from different places in the world can meet and share their ideas and opinions, looking for a sound and  “music worlds”  continuously changing.

Until now, the label has hosted a lot of new talents and big names who have always alternated with a great sinergy. 

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