Lerio Corrado



Love of music born from an early age among the eclectic style of David Bowie and the electronic sounds of Depeche Mode, and consolidated when he was 13 with his first composition. Music software and keyboards become his favorite toys when heʼs not busy in organizing parties in the garage along with his friends and peers. At 16 he started his first collaborations and recording projects, 18 years old he enters a real recording studio, property of his current friend and colleague Gianni Pellecchia.
The great friendship between the two that will help to define more and more technical / artistic Lerio identity, growing in the historical cradle called “Techno Napoli”, led by the Masters: Rino Cerrone, Marco Carola, Gaetano Parisio, Markantonio, Danilo Vigorito. Some of these, will then become the key points during his career, sharing the console and releasing on labels like historical Loose, Orion, and the prestigious Mkt, Analytictrail, which since the end of 2014, will become an active part along with Markantonio marrying the project, and adding to Bauns Music triad, become a solid platform for research and innovation in the Tech House music world.
His dedication and determination have given him the opportunity to be accepted in the circuit “International Talent”, the prestigious festival organizer brand and club night, playing in many of the fantastic events that this family has been organizing for over 20 years, launched hotbed of talent in the world Techno scene. Prolific and curious, today Lerio constantly working in the studio, and is developing new projects, with the usual attitude of an artist who loves good music.

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