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26 June 2020

Loose Records’ Main Room Vol 3 is Out Now.

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Loose Records was originally set up by Rino Cerrone as a sister label to Unrilis with a focus on breeding fresh talent about to burst onto the international techno scene.

The labels roster includes early releases from the likes of Luigi Madonna, Roberto Capuano and Joseph Capriati long before the artists had become established.

This new release on Loose Records is a ten-track release showcasing a selection of new talents who are all making their first appearance on the label.

Artists such as Jason Cluff are making their first ever release, but some of the contributors have also featured on high-flying labels such as Suara, 1605, Phobiq, Octopus, Noir Music, Unity and Bush Records.

Each of the tracks on this release have a dark atmosphere and pounding percussion with some using acid synth lines and others having hypnotic rhythms or atmospheric pads, but each is a high quality production tailor made for the dance floor

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