Loose Records

Since the early 90’ Naples imposed itself as the true capital of techno music in Italy, but was only in 1996 that the electronic music lovers found in Naples a new location which was made to measure for the underground scene: Loose Club. Since then it has been here that Neapolitans DJ’s and talents have continued to meet techno artists from all over the world¸ strengthening the affiliation between the city and the Techno capitals Detroit and Berlin. 

Starting a label was the next logical step, helped by the growing contacts with the artists, in 2006 the founding father of “Techno Napolitano” Rino Cerrone and the trendsetter Mario Manganelli, establish Loose Records a musical project that born with the aim to become a trustful platform for the many talented Naples’s producers and their highly abstract, cutting edge music. Loose Records gained its mystique also thanks to its very distinguishing sound that was completely fresh from any other style.

Much faster, puzzling, classy and forward thinking, the sound proposed by Loose Records was only comparable to the most avant-garde sound of Detroit and Berlin. Since its first releases Loose Records licensed the hottest tunes from all over the region while developing its own incredible stable of producers with a roster that breads like the who’s who of techno scene like Joseph Capriati, Markanatonio, Luigi Madonna, Uto Karem, Hollen and of course the label boss Rino Cerrone. Over the course of the past 10 years the label has built and exceptional catalogue of music, releasing a number of EPs, and remixes from the likes of Abnormal Boyz, Flavio Diaz, Misstress Barbara and Maurizio Vitiello.

With an ever-evolving roster of acts, Loose Recods is not about looking to the past and still continues to be a staple of Techno genre, releasing brand new, cutting edge music, with the new roster featuring the likes of Paride Saraceni, Roberto Capuano, Mars Bill, Audiomatique and many many more. To celebrate all this, in 2016 there will be a 10 years Loose Records Anniversary, a tour of label nights around Europe with the aim of showcasing newcomers and establish acts. The global tour kicks off at the Sonar week in Barcelona and then proceeds at ADE, Magdalena Club Berlin and few TBC locations in Italy and London. 

If the Naples based label has managed to last so long in the game is because Loose Records and its ever-evolving family of artists not only make the dance floors moving but firmly establish itself as reliable source of avant-garde sound, which aim is to stay long in the memory thanks to its originality.


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