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07 December 2023

Luigi Madonna ‘Ikigai’ EP is now Out on Contempo.

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Luigi Madonna is back on his record label Contempo and continues to showcase the darker and more underground side of his sound with the analogue grooves on this hypnotic release.

This four-track EP blends raw sound design with industrial percussion and modulating synth lines, to create dance floor focused cuts in the style that Luigi Madonna has previously championed via Contempo.

Previous releases on Contempo have also featured tracks and remixes from the likes of JSPR, Alarico, Lobster and Marc Faenger.

“Yakamoz” opens the release with its rumbling bassline tense synths and thrashing hi-hats, before the ominous synth stabs, trippy vocals and brutal percussion of “Hydratonic” take control. “Slow Sigh” has a stripped-back style with murky atmospheric, high-speed rhythms and sinister vocal tones. “Ikigai (Jam Edit)” is an experimental track that closes out the release with its breakbeat rhythms, heavy sub-bass and glitching synth lines.

Download & Stream “Ikigai” EP

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