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01 September 2021

Luigi Madonna’s Italian Shocks EP is Now Out on Drumcode.

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Produced off the back of a profoundly inspiring trip to his homeland last year, Luigi Madonna crafts the pin-sharp ‘Italian Shocks’ EP. The Amsterdam-based artist is a key Drumcode contributor, who runs the label off the back of last year’s well-received collaborative EP ‘Mad World’ with Roberto Capuano.

The title track is brain-spangling, industrial and brilliant, characterised by a suspenseful narrative, which is typical of Madonna’s creativity in the studio. ‘This is the Future’ is crisp and rolling, an intelligent tool for every set. ‘Enveloping Times’ is punchy and hypnotic, an immense transcendental belter ready to be unleashed this summer. ‘Interfrequencies’ is an exhilarating rush to the head, as a killer bass synth and piston-like drums for a rave-ready finish.


  1. Italian Shocks
  2. This is the Future
  3. Enveloping Times
  4. Interfrequencies

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