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30 June 2017

VA – Main Room Vol.1

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With an eye out for the true explorers in today’s electronic music scene, Loose Records is proud to release “Main Room Vol. 1”, an eclectic and formidable cross section of the tracks and DJs that are currently pushing the boundaries of production and sound in both the Neapolitan scene and around the world. Among the eight artists featured here are Vincenzo Favale, operating under the name D-isorder, Alessio Ferrai a.k.a. Nozzleholder, Luca Iadanza, Paco Marcelo from Caserta, Corrado Cardone as Konrad, Daniel Boon, Richard Cleber, and Stefano Bottalla as Discordia. Boasting a variety that is sure to send goosebumps and heartbeats rising high, get ready to get moving and grooving to this beast of a collection from some of today’s best and bravest.

D-ISORDER  – Touchscreen – Taking off at a sprint and throwing in all kinds of wonderful weirdness to spice up the chase, listeners are taken on a tour of an imagination freed in all kinds of directions at once. Splitting frenzied drum machines with auras of sci fi vocals and tingling bells, this track invites replaying again and again to untangle and enjoy this sensory adventure.

Daniel Boon – Someone Else – Starting with a slow, brooding burn, a subtle hand on the turntables brings a refined essence to the song by immersing listeners in rising waves of synth and drum fusions, aiming for depth and hitting it with abandon. Hauntingly elegant and filled with intrigue, this story is a fascinating meditation on what makes the long game in music an important one.

Discordia – Dub – Subverting expectations and bringing A-game all the way through, the simple charmer of an intro gets busy quick with instrumentals that echo with what could be bamboo shoots thudding against each other atop killer synths and a beat that simply has to be danced to. The delicious complexity of this track highlights the need for continual creativity in today’s music, which the DJ delivers wonderfully.

Konrad – Let’s Go – Carving out a beat that fills vast, echoing hollows for the listener in the intro, the synth game comes on masterfully to bring a joyous balance to this true beauty of a song. Drawing from trance, tech, and house camps all at once, one would be hard-pressed to not find something to love in the high thrills and dark chills wound up in this one spectacular beast.

Luca Iadanza – Body & Soul – Plenty of heart-pumping fun can be found here, taking a welcome twist on the party anthem formula with plenty of deep-rooted underground flavor. Leaping from one high point to the next, the beat is bound to be jet fuel for any gathering large or small, infusing ears with rhythms as viciously danceable as they are unforgettable, making this track a must-have if there ever was one.

Nozzleholder – Xplosion – Stomping the ground with abandon and the bass to back it up, snapping high notes and a storm of synths catapult listeners into techno paradise here, all before adding even more vocal and rhythmic goodies that crowds and artists alike will love to play and replay. Dredging up the odd and unexpected does the DJ well here, testifying to a brave and exploratory talent that is a pleasure to see and hear in today’s musical landscape.

Paco Marcelo – Marecaldo – Overflowing with a quick-footed vitality, this track delivers well to anyone who needs a high-intensity dance number to take a set through the roof. The rhythm is always kept under masterful control here, never leaving its underground roots for the duration, and keeps the influences close to the hearts of tech heads everywhere.

Richard Cleber – Black Karma – Bursting with a rubberized bounce of a beat out of the gate, listeners are soon treated to ghostly synth effects and echoing vocal samples, but are then swung around again to some surprising organ-sounding notes that bring some welcome experimental game to the table. Catching this sort of artistry is always a joy for listeners and DJs alike, and is sure to make fans of both.


1 – D-ISORDER – Touchscreen

2 – Daniel Boon – Someone Else

3 – Discordia – Dub

4 – Konrad – Let’s Go

5 – Luca Iadanza – Body & Soul

6 – Nozzleholder – Xplosion

7 – Paco Marcelo – Marecaldo

8 – Richard Cleber – Black Karma

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