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09 February 2024

Marco Conte “Taz” EP is now Out on Unrilis.

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Marco Conte is a peak time techno producer who has also released music under the alias of Audiomatiques, and his new EP comes via the Unrilis record label.

This is only the second time that Marco Conte has released via Unrilis under his own name, but he has made numerous other Unrilis and Loose Records releases under the alias of Audiomatiques. He has also released Audiomatiques tracks on other highly respected record labels such as Codex, AnalyticTrail, Octopus and Respekt.

Based in Spain, Marco Conte’s style blends dark atmospherics and hypnotic synth lines with the driving energy of hard-hitting percussion.

“Backspace” gives the release an explosive opening with its brutal percussion and ominous synth lines, then “Taz 909” takes control with a stripped-back groove powered by fast-paced rhythms and dramatic bursts from the intense synth chords. The “Taz Is Back Intro” closes the release with a tension-building track that’s full of suspense.

Download & Stream “Taz” EP

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