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31 October 2020

Marco Faraone ‘Hope’ Album is Out Now.

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Marco Faraone’s ‘Hope’ Album in Collaboration with Ian Urbina is now Out on Synethesia Media.

The sounds of Hope flawlessly tell Urbina’s story of the “Outlaw Oceans” eliciting emotions that can never be put into words, with Faraone’s hope that his contribution to the project will cause listeners to take a moment during this global crisis to better understand the world we live in and our collective responsibility to take great care of the environment and each other.

This is a story about reflection, connection, and hope. Sometimes it is only in our darkest hour that
we find light and inspiration to do something different. As weeks of Covid-19 isolation turned
into months, I found myself suffering from negative emotions. While I normally channel my energy into
music, I found I was unable to fully express myself in the usual soundscapes I create for the dance
floor. It felt mechanical, forced and not a true reflection of the times. Confined to my flat in
Barcelona, unable to connect with the outside world, I became frustrated and disheartened. When
I was approached by Ian Urbina to produce music for his book The Outlaw Ocean, I felt I was given a
gift of inspiration.

I feel blessed that during a time of intense isolation and despair I was granted an opportunity to
harness my craft to produce something truly meaningful. This project pushed me to explore the
relationship between information, sound, and emotion. It forced me out of my comfort zone as an
electronic artist and into the space of a musical composer creating soundscapes that reflect this
specific moment in history. To narrate the true story about our dying earth.

Hope is an album characterized by the extreme polarities that we are living in. It is a reminder that
everything can change in the blink of an eye, for better or worse depending on the actions we take.
My hope is that we use this moment of crisis to better understand the world we live in and our
collective responsibility to take great care of our environment and each other.

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