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20 April 2018

Markantonio & I Am Bam on This and That Lab

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Label: This And That Lab
Artist: Markantonio, I Am Bam
Title: Last Session
Release Date: Friday 20th
Format: Digital

Davide Squillace’s label This And That Lab is proud to launch a new series of seasonal Various Artists releases and this first edition features tracks from a broad cross section of artists including Markantonio. There are planned to be four editions of this series a year, each one split into two volumes as “Part A” and “Part B”. With a focus on textures both audible and visual, there is a keen focus on design, and each release will be a combination of fresh talent plus veteran artists. Matching the four seasons of the year, the series is titled “Spring Summer Fall Winter” and each release has been handpicked by Davide Squillace. Italian techno don Markantonio whose releases on label’s ranging from Drumcode to his own AnalyticTrail, opens the release with a tribal tech house track that breaks away from his usual style. Working in collaboration with I Am Bam (Bunny Tiger / Flashmob) the opening track’s up-tempo vibe sets the dancefloor focused tone for the rest of the LP.

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