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28 December 2018

Moonwalk Hits Beatport Top 10 Melodic House & Techno with last release on Stil Vor Talent

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Space meets rhythm on Moonwalk’s Galactica EP, brimful of intergalactic grooves in the shape of four dance-heavy original tracks. Opener Galactica sets the tone with electric pads and spacious, echo-ridden synths that create a playful yet compelling melody with a highly memorable bassline. Euplea is arguably the most stirring cut of the four, with a whirlwinding pad and incessant bass that emerge from the first bar. Nocturna brings forth equally spatial sounds, arched around a massive build up with a breathtaking drop. It’s the perfect drama-infusing track, an ace in the sleeve when deployed at the right timing. Channeling huge drums in a tribal-like ambiance, Endless creates suspense through minimal layers and lofty pads, rounding off the release in a well-timed manner.

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