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20 August 2021

Netty Hugo “The Scope” EP is Out on AnalyticTrail.

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Netty Hugo are set to release their debut EP “The Scope” on Markantonio’s AnalyticTrail.

The most active Duo in Luxembourg established their name for over 20 years as DJs and Producers locally and globally with their unique signature sound and fast paced rhythm as they have released on other respected labels such as Say What? And also AUTEKTONE Dark.

Netty Hugo delivered for AnalyticTrail the 2 Trackers EP as each track shows a different taste, The Scope opens the release with a fast paced rhythm softer kick that controls your heart beat while vibing with the dreamy plucks.

Hardwired on the other hand follows the same rhythm as the first tracks but with pounding beats.

Stream & Download “The Scope”

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