NONSTOP Music Group was born in 2015 as part of a music project based on giving an unforgettable experience coming from what we like to do the most, MUSIC!

Based in London and founded by Piero Pirupa, NONSTOP is representing our love for House & Techno.

NONSTOP Rec. is born to create a platform in the modern music industry as an output for the music and the expression of our artists.

Our releases are achievable while rooted in the underground, span between different shades of house and techno, where NONSTOP does not stand for one specific style, but embracing certain values which are common to all NONSTOP releases:

-Focus on the principles and respect for music.

-Interest on quality more than quantity.

NONSTOP Rec. will be releasing on both vinyl, as a symbol for the passion for underground dance music, and digital, loving quality and alternative sounds with the aim to deliver in the near future memorable and experiencing parties based on a philosophy as simple as challenging: bringing innovation & playfulness while operating as a family.

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