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03 August 2019

Paul Ritch’s Quartz Rec presents its 43rd release

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Paul Ritch’s Quartz Rec presents its 43rd release, this time welcoming I Am Bam with a four-track digital EP, ‘’Hypnotic’. The Italian born, berlin based DJ and producer, has been musically raised between Los Angeles, Tehran and Sydney and has made a name for himself with only a handful of releases. On the title track, I Am Bam uses dub techno stabs and sweeping filters to create a mesmerizing track. ‘Roller’ follows with a bleeped voice and synth sound that interact with each other with great effect. Heavy pounding kicks set the tone for the next track ‘Awake’ slowly building around menacing vocals. As its name suggest ‘Acid Trip’ is a great take on acid that shows I Am Bam’s versatility as a producer and that he surely is a name to look out for..

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