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30 June 2017

Raffaele Rizzi – Secret Combination w/ Drumcomplex Remix

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Raffaele Rizzi is proud to release Secret Combination, a collection of two new tracks and a killer of a remix under the Unrilis label. Already successful and well-known at a young age, Rizzi has produced wonders both within and beyond the Neapolitan techno scene after being inspired by artists like of Gabriel Ananda and Rino Cerrone. Brothers Arnd and Daniel Reichow bring their own hard-edged spin into the mix under their name Drumcomplex, earning their moniker well as they utilize sophisticated techniques and stalwart style on their interpretation of the title track. The collection delivers welcome twists and new approaches to the genre, promising to leave a lasting impression of a talent that is only continuing to develop and grow.

Secret Combination (Original Mix) – Hypnotic bass drums and high hats earn a quick appeal here for anyone who wants an energetic beat that can fill any venue large or small. Firing off on classic techno sounds, while at once integrating interesting acoustic influences, works to deliver a unique sound that showcases a masterful discernment that dodges clichés and get bodies moving to a truly exceptional beat.

Secret Combination (Drumcomplex Remix) – Unafraid to come out with guns blazing, the intro kicks in the door on a fantastic high-octane baseline that sets a smashing standard for the entirety of the track. Dramatic shifts in pitch and spritely techno effects supply a fascinating arrangement, wherein the more aggressive sounds meet and wrestle wonderfully with their opposites, creating a track that is outstanding both for its inventiveness and undeniable danceability.

Total Black (Original Mix) – The steady thrum of the bass-heavy intro sets the stage for a new direction for the collection, guided in large part by the scintillating singing abilities of the vocalist. Partnering well with tinny cymbals and low-pitched warbling effects, the track’s singer expresses both longing and vibrancy, high-stepping exuberance and the desire for more, in a way this genre does not pursue often, but executes so well by choosing the right ally for its serenade.


1 – Secret Combination (Original Mix)

2 – Secret Combination (Drumcomplex Remix)

3 – Total Black (Original Mix)

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