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06 March 2019

RanchaTek debuts on Loose Records

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RanchaTek brings his remarkably high-energy approach to techno tech-house with his new EP I.V.A., a collection of three new tracks that marks his first collaboration with Loose Records. The son of Serbia brings a deep bench of prior successes as a DJ and producer, having seen his work reach the top spot time and again on Beatport, as well as number one hits with Vagabundos and On the Floor on Traxsource. With performances in top tier night clubs from his home in Serbia to the Netherlands and Brazil, as well as backing from artists like Cristian Varela, Adam Beyer, and Carl Cox to name a few, RanchaTeks status as a wellspring of talent on the stage as well as in the studio promises to make I.V.A. another triumph in a journey with many more high points to come. I.V.A. – Relentless and intense from the first note, the title track takes off at a sprint and refuses to take a breath for the entirety of the song. The arrangement is packed with artistic twists on the genre as well, bringing epic washes of sound beneath some truly ferocious drum machines, which are sure to find high points in set lists everywhere. Passion – Less an intro than a no-holds-barred onslaught, the beginning of this track makes it obvious that one would be hard-pressed to think of a more fitting name for the song. The enthusiasm and deftness of the artist is at full strength here, neither of which loses any ground through the entire arrangement, making for a banger that is sure to keep listeners on their toes everywhere. Hold Me Down – Bumping an earth-shaker of a bass game, the script gets flipped with some high-pitched robotic vocals that bring a playful duality to this track, all while maintaining a serious approach to timing and structure to provide a masterclass of what this genre is capable of doing.

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