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Rino Cerrone was born in Naples, in 1972. Attracted since young by the thrill of speed, he reaches excellent results in many national motorcycle races. However, soon his objectives turn to something different and his extreme passion for music, brings him away from race tracks to other lands.

It’s the end of the 80’s when Rino comes in contact with the music realities which will contribute to develop is current style. Still teenager, he is now exposed to a new universe made of punk and rock concerts all along Italy, a new world to discover!

His big attraction for fancy and chill out settings of groups like The Orb and Future Sound of London, will definitely expand his interest in electronic music. Then, during his first travels over Europe, Rino Cerrone will meet not only new electronic realities, but also big features like Psychick Warriors of Gaia, who will strongly influence him with their hypno – rhythmic sounds. Soon, his room becomes a sonar mess where he relieves his own passion.

During the early 90’s, Rino begins to hang out the first alternative parties of Naples. The city is promoting so many progressive and techno nights and also several unforgettable afterhours, where Rino is amazingly present. That’s a heating period for the Neapolitan techno scene, and Rino is integral and essential part of it! His first synth – a second-hand Juno 106 – becomes a magic carpet over decades of disco music. The way for productions is clear now. Yet, thanks to Quite Men help and to his friend support Mario Manganelli, Rino creates his home recording studio. Two years later, here it comes the first record as Q-Men, “Xphase ep”, released in 1997 on the first Marco Carola’s label “Design Music”. It is the beginning of a brilliant career. Following, many releases on important record labels such as the 12” “Kluster ep”,  on Zenit and again on “Design ep” in 1999. At last, music market doors are open and Rino starts producing records on important International labels like Speaker Attack, Phont Music, Relentless and Primate. It is just at that time when Rino decides, together with Mario, to create his own record label, Rilis. “Rilis 01/10” is made by ten technoid pieces, thrown as loose cannon into the global techno scene, during 2000 and 2004.

Meanwhile, Rino Cerrone gains further achievements, over all Europe, thanks to his excellent DJ set on 3 decks, rich in tribal-techno grooves and elegant sounds on the cutting-edge. His constant production activity, flood everywhere and the German Zenit and the Speaker Attack of Stefan Riesen, with their 12” “Ante Zenit 8” and “Basic Drum”, get definitely ahead of this. “Impression” on B side of “Ante Zenit 8”, shows an unheard-of rhythmic itch among Neapolitan techno district which open the doors to a new minimal approach. 2001, with its fourteen production, is to include in one of the most gainful years of Rino Cerrone. In fact, the release of the ep “Converter Filter” for the Teutonic Terminal M of Monika Kruse and the famous 12” “Timeless” for the Sweden G-Force, represents the confirmation of a borderless technical evolution. Moreover, the third record produced by the American Saw Recordings, “Reset ep” of the couple Satoshi Tomiie/Hector Romero, is just another production transformation of a rising talent! Soon, Cerrone makes several intercontinental travels and takes part in “I love techno” in 2002, in the famous “Innercity”, the fantastic event organized in Amsterdam on 21st December 2002 in the multi-ambient building “RAI”.

In march 2003, Rino gets to Japan and South America. During these years, he experiments innovative techniques on decks, and bravery aims to tribal territories; It is again an expression of his inner speed. In the mid of so-called years Zero, Rino Cerrone strengthens his union with his friend Markantonio, playing together in many amazing duets. So, in 2004 on Markantonio’s Analytic Trail, Rino releases the vigorous 12” “Total Impact” and on Danilo Viogorito’s Orion Muzik, the jaunty and lilting “Kevin ep” – record full of house signs and soft rhythms. But it is Loose Records, a variant of the complementary Rilis and Unrilis, the new house through which Rino Cerrone lodges – with renewed style – young and valid Neapolitan dj-producers likes Flavio Diaz and Joseph Capriati. The opening track of “Another last Cigarette Ep”, composed by 4 hands with Diaz, made of continuous spins, is amazing as well as  “Campi Flegrei Ep”. On the contrary, the 12” “Orange”, shaped with success by the Neapolitan talent Joseph Capriati, gives a more clear minimal sound. Cerrone works on numerous remixes such as “Subractive Synthesis VI Remixes”, of the American Synewave and recent tracks of “The Advent” for the set of “hi-school techno tunes” “Recreations vol.I-II on Kombination Research, as well as a remix for the collection “My Favourite Recordings” on On Off; these are only some of the excellent reviews of this Neapolitan dj-producer. Rino gains so many presence fees on compilations and collections all over the world. Among the most important, for sure stands “DE 9 Closer to the Edit”, of Richie Hawtin on “Minus”, which contain the famous “Optical Way”, also on “Relentless Beats” vol.1 e 2., on “Vision” for “Combined Forces”, and on Cristian Varela and Tony Verdi compilation – “Salon de Mezclas” for “Serial Killer Vinyl”.

Birth back in 2006 as a divertissement for the different happenings, the project Junction Hands, has grown in last five years with its explosive performances, becoming a real “must” for all those who love techno music. The idea of “crossed hands” seems almost a provocation, or rather a new challenge, again, to be launched with awareness of their resources and unlimited inspiration, through a unique and unrepeatable performance, able to ensure a tremendous impact on the dancefloor. From this project is created the namesake track included in the various artists “Napoli Connection” on Drumcode and the ep “Revolution is back” produced by Unrilis. This is a real techno band that promises sparks in the best international circuits.

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