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30 June 2017

Spektre – Halcyon

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Spektre teams up with Unrilis for the release of “Halcyon,” a brand new track marking another high point in a catalog that has garnered high praise on all fronts thus far. Bringing complexity and state-of-the-art technology to everything the duo of Filthy Rich and Paul Maddox bring to their brainchild Spektre, Umek christened the combined efforts of the partnership as “a bright shining light for the shape and sound of techno to come!” Their new song testifies to the pair’s bold exploration of what is possible in electronic music, as well as asserting that these artists will certainly continue to demand attention everywhere their music gets played.

Halcyon (Original Mix) – Classic tech-house grooves get served with heaps of bone-shaking bass on this track, lifting the heavier-sounding sonic goodness on cavernous synth effects that make for a wild ride everyone can enjoy. Marking an atypical exploration of the genre’s conventions, the song brings interesting forays into high-flying vocal samples and 80s-flavored rhythms, weaving all of the ingredients together into a monster of a song that won’t leave the memories of DJs or listeners anytime soon.


1 – Halcyon (Original Mix)

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