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14 February 2020

Stevie Best Makes His Debut on Loose Records with a Massive Three Tracker EP.

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Loose Records is an Italian label dedicated to techno and a breeding ground for fresh talent with a roster of artists including the likes of Joseph Capriati, Luigi Madonna, Roberto Capuano, Hollen & Paride Saraceni

The first release of 2020 is from Stevie Best, a rising star of the British techno scene who has been making a name for himself playing regular gigs in his hometown of Liverpool along with other parts of the UK.

Not only a skilled DJ, he is also a budding producer gaining momentum with each new release on labels such as Eclipse Recordings and Bubblejam.

This three track EP is another fine example of his talent with the opening track “44” fully capturing his skills of blending dark atmosphere with the suspense of ethereal pads. Underpinned by the relentless pounding of a heavy kick drum, it leads nicely into the second cut “Flight”, where its pulsating synth line creates a frantic energy. “Mercury’s Way” closes the release with its grinding bassline, spine-tingling vocal textures and thunderous percussion.

I made a 44 week plan and sort of a personal goal to aim for last year. This sparked the beginning 44. The track title ‘Mercury’s Way’ came from the idea of Freddie Mercury (believe it or not!). After watching the fantastic movie ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ it sparked a tonne of inspiration in the sense that Freddie Mercury (& Queen) although taking inspiration from opera they didn’t want to sound like anyone else, they just made music that came into their head and did it ‘their’ way. Resulting in one of the most successful bands in history. For me, my track Mercury’s Way is one of my most interesting tracks I’ve made to date.


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