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29 February 2024

The Miller “Quest” EP is now Out on AnalyticTrail.

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Swedish artist The Miller is making his definitive debut on AnalyticTrail with his long awaited release ‘Quest EP’, a deliberate nod to the early 2000s emerges, with which the artist definitively captures the essence of the genre’s formative years.

Across the four tracks, starting with a signature Miller sound, the EP progressively elevates the prominence of melodic samples. ‘Quest’ begins with a familiar touch, but as the EP unfolds, melodic elements take center stage, marking a departure from The Miller’s previous work. The final track delivers a nostalgic yet innovative vibe, showcasing the artist’s evolution within the techno landscape. This EP serves as a testament to The Miller’s ability to blend nostalgia with a forward-thinking sonic approach, creating a captivating and refreshing techno experience.

Download & Stream “Quest” EP

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