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21 March 2024

Uncertain “Repercussion” EP is now Out on AnalyticTrail.

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Markantonio’s record label AnalyticTrail drops an exhilarating techno EP by Uncertain, which has analogue machine funk and fast grooves.

Uncertain is an Austrian artist who is also known for the music he has released under his classic alias of Boriqua Tribez. With a career spanning over two decades, Uncertain is known for his energetic style with jackin’ percussion loops and rhythmic stabs.

He launched his Uncertain alias in 2018, and found instant success leading to releases on respected record labels suchas Radio Slave’s RSPX, Mark Broom’s Beard Man and Truncate’s self-titled imprint. This is Uncertain’s second solo EP for AnalyticTrail, and it features four of his driving original tracks.

“Repercussion” opens the release with soulful vocal phrases layered with fizzing hi-hats, dubby synth stabs and swelling pads, while the raw percussion powers the groove. “Warp” has trippy synths and a rumbling bassline cut by a slamming kick drum to create a menacing vibe with uplifting undertones. “Decent” lets the percussion take control with its high-velocity rhythms that lay a foundation for the muffled tones of filtered synth stabs. “Evidence” closes the release with a hypnotic synth riff and sensual vocal textures that intertwine between the high-velocity rhythms of the juddering percussion.

Download & Stream “Repercussion” EP

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