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10 January 2019

Unrilis’ latest EP of 2018

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Anthony Castaldo is back again for the latest release of 2018! After the success of the album “Abstract Sunset” and the monster of a track “Perfect Illusion” on “The Block Vol. 3,” Anthony Castaldo and Unrilis unite once again with “Last Day In Heaven,” a new collection that speaks to a very bright future for the state of techno in Naples and beyond. Castaldo has shown that his youthful talent and an ear for atmospheric melodies only continues to grow through his own productions as well as collaborations with household names like Dubspeeka, Markantonio, and Luigi Madonna. Castaldo has affixed his career as a DJ and producer to watch, and “Last Day In Heaven will surely mark an unmissable highlight among many more to come. The album has been appreciated by the likes of Luigi Madonna, Enrico Sangiuliano and Ramiro Lopez, who are playing it regularly during their live international performances


1) Last Day in Heaven
2) Lost in Consciousness
3) Kiss of Death”

Buy It Here! or Listen It Here!

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