Unri’li:s: unreleased – not (or not yet) made available for distribution or publication. This is the concept that revolves around the Techno label which Rino Cerrone and Mario Manganelli established in 2005.

Sister of Loose Records, Unrilis is the natural consequence of the forerunner Rilis, the Naples based revered label which Rino and Mario created in 1999. While at first, Unrilis was focused on publishing the incredible amount of unreleased works that Rino Cerrone composed throughout the years. At the present, the label is also suited as a theme music lab, a platform for talented artists who are constantly adding their own distinctive musical perception while performing in total creative freedom. 

Grounded on the grassroots structures of deep-house and tech-house, the label claims a sound that is instantaneously familiar and unconventional, outside the realm of typical. Unrilis set itself as an independent project, parted from the customary boundaries of working under a label; crafting something completely innovative and whimsical rather than just scoring hits.

Due to the label’s relentless commitment to quality and its next-generation outstanding roster, Unrilis has seen its tracks played on every major stage all around the world over the last decade. Since its inception, ten years ago, Unrilis have signed, and even discovered, some of the most influential and idolatrized Neapolitan techno artists such as: Joseph Capriati, Markantonio, Sasha Carassi, Roberto Capuano, Mars Bill, and last but not least its current A&R Luigi Madonna.

Now in 2016, Unrilis is looking to the future while standing anchored on its roots. With a remarkable artist roster a solid musical vision and a new releases and events concept, the label is going from strength to strength ready for new exciting dares, touching new heights and taken techno music to newer realms.


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