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13 March 2019

Uto Karem “Untold Stories” on Agile Recordings

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Label Boss Uto Karem is back on his own label with a new EP featuring three original tracks in his trademark style of charismatic techno.
Broken Sitar opens proceedings with its pulsating rhythms filed by fast flowing percussion. With asensual female vocal adding comforting tones to the otherwise breakneck energy, the track defining featureis its brooding atmosphere cut by a sitar sample washed in delay.Second is Rave Zero9 and the building tension of its pads combined dramatic bursts that only add to theintensity. With waves of tidal force the tracks nonstop structure twists and turns to ensure none is leavingthe dance floor during this captivating roller coaster ride.Last of the tracks is Saturn which has a call and response style lead synth that gradually unfolds intoeuphoria with menacing undertones. Epic and radiating heat this cut fuses contrasting moods that provokeemotion, alongside capturing the imagination of those lucky enough to hear it on a club sound system.
This is certainly the best way to start the tenth anniversary of the label

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