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28 June 2024

Various Artists “Sons Of Napoli” is Now Out on Contempo.

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Luigi Madonna back to his label Contempo to launch “Sons of Napoli” VA, a tribute that assembles Napoli’s techno luminaries in a celebration of sound, honoring the city with an unforgettable auditory homage through the collective genius of Naples’ most esteemed artists.

Launched in 2022, Contempo melds techno’s future with Italy’s rich musical legacy, introducing a new sound inspired & perfectly aligned with the Neapolitan sound. The sound of this city is shaped by techno pioneers such as Gaetano Parisio, Markantonio, and icons like Marco Carola, Danilo Vigorito, and Rino Cerrone who have fostered a scene ripe with innovation.

Luigi Madonna, a towering figure in techno, seamlessly blends Napoli’s rich musical heritage with innovative sounds. Gaetano Parisio, a techno veteran since the 90s, reflects the Neapolitan Techno School’s ethos with his timeless tracks. Markantonio, from Naples, is known for his innovative and soulful techno contributions. Manuel Di Martino showcases Napoli’s techno essence through his acclaimed releases and his work on his imprint while, Raffaele Attanasio blends his classical heritage with techno, crafting emotive tracks that resonate worldwide.

Opening the release is Orbita by Gaetano Parisio, weaving together pulsating rhythms with hypnotic synth lines. Its cosmic ambiance and driving beats create an immersive experience. Second on the list is One Coffee by Luigi Madonna that crafts an electrifying atmosphere with its robust basslines and sharp, energizing synths. Raffaele Attanasio’s Arenhell combines punchy beats with deep dark, ominous synths, dynamic percussion and robust bassline. “Funk It” by Markantonio is a fusion of tight rhythms and groovy basslines, accented with cleverly placed synth stabs and funky touch. Contrary to its title, “Take a Break” by Manuel Di Martino delivers relentless energy with its driving beats, octane percussion rhythms and compelling synth sounds.

“Sons of Napoli” transcends a mere collection; it’s a story of a city alive with dance until dawn. Every track, a chapter of Napoli’s techno tale, invites listeners into its vibrant legacy through Contempo.

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