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30 June 2017

VA – The Blokk Vol.3 – Sonar Edition

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Unrilis’ “The Blokk Vol. 3 – Sonar Edition” promises to be another entry in a history of techno music that won’t soon be forgotten. Gathering four new tracks from some of the current scene’s top talent, including genre-defying Hollen, Barcelona’s groove master Dave Sinner, powerhouse duo Balthazar & JackRock, and Naples’ own Anthony Castaldo, this latest collection offers a cross section of artists chomping at the bit as they lead the pack into new realms of what is possible in music today.

Anthony Castaldo – Perfect Illusion –  Listeners are quickly treated to an epic journey exploring regions far beyond the masterful balance of the tinny yet base intro. Trance-infused and imaginative to no end, this is an expansive ride that simply demands to be experienced again and again.

Balthazar & JackRock – Awake –  Matching grungy effects with angelic synths and vocals at the intro sets the stage for some great juxtapositions, and the rest of the song proceeds to deliver just that. Switching between transcendent and floor-stomping, this song has something for everyone, bravely stepping out from the herd and winning at every turn.

Dave Sinner – Rehab – Boasting expert fundamentals before taking full flight, the rhythms keep the bass heavy while playing around with ghostly-sounding synths and waves of euphoric chimes. The vision here is a unique one, inventive and intriguing enough to lock in a solid hit at venues of all kinds.

Hollen – Playground – Prime cut for tech lovers everywhere, minimalist beats and classic drum machines take the reins for a mind-bender of an odyssey through the genre. The high-stepping cadence never lets up, and crowds both large and small are sure to keep moving through the last note.



1 – Anthony Castaldo – Perfect Illusion

2 – Balthazar & JackRock – Awake

3 – Dave Sinner – Rehab

4 – Hollen – Playground

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