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09 January 2019

We are back again on Berliner Second State

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Berliner Record Label Second State is back again with another SUM package, we are really happy to have contributed with 2 tracks,‘Parabellum’ by Lerio Corrado and ‘Long Awaited Down’ by Paride Saraceni, to this new VA that kicks-off 2019 in the best way.  Lerio Corrado’s ‘Parabellum’ keeps the tough edge but balances it expertly with just the right amount of debauchery, Paride’s ‘Long Awaited Dawn’ is very energetic and instantly unforgettable.
It’s about 3 years now that this great label is churning out cuts from a variety of names spanning fresh faces to established artists delivering to the market some of the most played tracks of the genre.

Lerio Corrado: Buy It Here! or Listen It Here!

Paride Saraceni: Buy It Here! or Listen It Here!

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