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07 December 2023

Yeti Mind Tricks ‘Nervosa’ EP is now Out on Unrilis.

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Unrilis continues its Rilis series with a Detroit-inspired release by Yeti Mind Tricks who is also known for his music on labels such as DJ Bone’s FURTHUR.

Yeti Mind Tricks is a Scottish artist from Glasgow who first discovered techno via the likes of Jeff Mills and Underground Resistance. His sound is also inspired by the heritage of his home city, which has iconic venues such as Sub Club, and is home to other techno artists including the likes of Slam.

This is the first time that Yeti Mind Tricks has featured on Unrilis, but his music can also be heard on other respected imprints ranging from Motech to Warehaus Records.

Rilis was originally launched as a limited run vinyl series that allowed its founder, Rino Cerrone, the freedom to explore his experimental ideas. Two decades later it has been revitalised to champion other artists who share his timeless vision for underground techno.

“Nervosa” opens the release with a heads-down groove that fuses juddering stabs and vocal flickers with driving percussion. Next up, “Esox” has heavy synth stabs, pounding kick drum and fizzing hi-hats that create an up-tempo groove. “Jamais Vu” closes the EP with the jackin’ energy of hardgroove style percussion combined with modulating synth chords.

Download & Stream “Nervosa” EP

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