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29 February 2024

Zafer Atabey & Ozbek “Back To The Old School” EP Incl NoNameLeft is now Out on Unrilis.

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Zafer Atabey and OZBEK collaborate on an exhilarating peak time techno EP released via Unrilis, which also features a brooding remix by NoNameLeft.

This is the third time that Zafer Atabey has featured on Unrilis, and it’s the first time that OZBEK has featured on the imprint. Prior to this release, Zafer Atabey and OZBEK had collaborated on releases for other prestigious techno record labels such as Set About and Ballroom Black, but they are also successful solo producers.

Based in Turkey, many know Zafer Atabey for the explosive techno releases on his record label EXTIMA, but he has also featured his dark and driving style on other imprints ranging from KD Raw to Renesanz.

OZBEK is a young Turkish producer who first made contact with Zafer Atabey when signing his music to EXTIMA, but he has also featured on other influential outlets such as Tronic, IAMT and Jeton Records.

NoNameLeft are a Hungarian duo who have been turning heads with the enthralling techno tracks they have released on highly influential record labels such as Alula Tunes, Truesoul and 1605.

The title track “Back to the Old School” has a thundering kick drum and throbbing bassline with ominous vocals layered alongside atmospheric textures that create eerie suspense. NoNameLeft’s remix of “Back to the Old School” is a stripped-back version with added tension and a menacing lead synth.

“Alien Swarm” is second of the two original tracks and its stabbing synths and fast-paced percussion create an intense groove with unstoppable energy.

Closing the release is the ‘Intro’ mix of Back to the Old School, which is an atmospheric version with building suspense and a dystopian vibe.

Download & Stream “Back To The Old School” EP

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